5 Ways to Enjoy Summertime When It’s Too Hot to Be Outside

This week the Midwest is enjoying the lovely July combination of triple-digit temperatures and 100% humidity.


Photo credit: gravatar.com/nikolynamcdonald

I’m currently fighting off cabin fever. Don’t get me wrong, I’m very thankful for air conditioning, but I wish I could be outside for longer than a few minutes without feeling like I’ve been in a sauna for hours.

Since I’m stuck inside for the next few days though, I’ve decided to make a list of fun indoor activities. Would you add any others?

  1. Game Night


Invite friends and family over for a game night! My favorites are party board games like Cranium, Quelf, and Balderdash. It’s also always fun to create your own rules to well-known games. When in doubt, just visit the party game shelf at any store for some good ideas. Disclaimer: you and your friends should be willing to act completely crazy in order to have the maximum amount of fun with party games like Quelf!

  1. Theme Movie Night


Now there seems to be a theme to my list, but pick a movie genre and have your friends each bring a contender. Then you can all defend your favorites, narrow down to the top three, and choose the winner! Examples include: Rom Com night, Comedy night, Sci-Fi night, or Action/Adventure night. Of course, have everyone bring snacks to share too!

  1. Progressive Dinner


You’ll still have to brave the heat traveling between houses for this idea, but it’s definitely worth it! Get together with some friends and decide how many courses your dinner will have. Then, assign each person a course, and the whole group will be together by dessert! You could even combine the progressive dinner with a theme movie night!

  1. Create-Your-Own Cooking Show

cooking show

Have you ever watched a cooking show and wished you could make cooking seem that epic? Then create your own cooking show! You will definitely need a sidekick to taste test the amazing recipes and some of those little dishes for measuring ingredients. Other than that, just have a friend with a smartphone record the show and let the hilarity ensue!

  1. Start a Chain Letter


I wouldn’t be a proper English lit nerd if I didn’t have at least one very old-fashioned idea on my list. Remember when people used to write letters with a pen and paper? That is still possible! Convince a few willing victims (I mean friends) that a chain letter would be fun, start the letter, and mail it to the first person. Then, each friend can add to the letter. It’s a unique way to keep in touch in our world of Instagram and Facebook.