5 Perks of Being Single

It’s always very easy to think of all the downsides of being single. But when you really stop to think about it, there are so many perks to singleness! Here are the top 5 that I came up with today:

1) You get to watch whatever movie or Netflix show you want! There is no debating between an action adventure or a rom-com, Fuller House or a World War II documentary. You get to choose depending on your mood. Do you feel like watching the entire 5-hour BBC version of Pride and Prejudice? Then watch it! No arguments. No judgment. No problem.


2) No fighting over where to eat. We all know the couple who spends an hour driving around town trying to decide where to eat—which usually leads to both of them sitting silent and hangry in the McDonald’s drive-thru. When you’re single, there is no arguing except with yourself when your conscience tries to convince you that Taco Bell twice in one week is probably not a good idea…


3) You only have to keep track of your schedule. If a friend invites you over for a game night, you don’t have to check with your significant other before deciding whether or not to go. You never have to worry about how you’ll possibly get two schedules to line up or if you’ll both be able to ask off work for your second cousin’s wedding next month.


4) You learn relationship mistakes vicariously. When you’re single, you get the chance to observe the relationships around you. Being the third wheel isn’t always such a bad thing. You can use your times of singleness to learn how much work relationships really are—and to think about how you’ll react in challenging dating situations.


5) There is no argument over whether the toilet paper goes over or under. This is a constant debate. The lucky couples are the ones who agree on this incredibly important issue, but sadly they are a rare phenomenon. When you’re single, you don’t have to be frustrated every time you go to the bathroom. No passive aggressive toilet paper roll swapping is freedom!


Obviously, this list is meant to be lighthearted. I could easily write a much longer one titled “The Perks of Being in a Relationship,” but sometimes it’s better to see things from a different perspective. And I think single people tend to get the feeling that we’re lacking something. We are fully complete whether or not we’re dating someone, and usually it’s when we’re single that we learn the most about ourselves. What other perks of singleness would you add to the list?


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