Advice from my 12-year-old self

Today I was wondering what advice I would give myself now if I was a kid again. This letter is what I ended up with. It’s a good reminder.

Dear “Grown Up” Me,

Do you like being a grown up? Is it as fun as you always thought it would be?

If you feel overwhelmed and tired, just remember that you can eat dessert before dinner now and you don’t have to ask permission from anyone!

I hope you haven’t forgotten how fun it is to be a kid. Just because you’re a grown up now doesn’t mean you can’t build a kingdom in a willow tree or go to a park and pilot your very own airplane on the swings. You can still find animal shapes in the clouds and trace the shapes of the constellations.  

I know you can’t really be a kid again even if you wanted to. But try to remember the joy, the freedom, and the wonder.

Race your shadow across sunny fields. Bury your feet in warm sand. Laugh until you can’t breathe. Use your imagination. Love people wholeheartedly. Try new things. Embrace challenges. Be thankful for the sunshine and the rain.

Do you remember?

I hope you do.

Until later,



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