Poetry and Peace

Since I work at a bookstore, I find it difficult to pass up beautifully bound volumes of poetry when I run across them—which is why I am now the proud owner of both Willa Cather’s and Emily Dickinson’s poetry collections!

I’ve been reading the poems during my lunch hour at work over the past few weeks, and it has been incredibly relaxing and peaceful. There is something almost magical in the way poets are able to describe the world with the perfect combinations of words. I’ve always thought that the best poets write about universal or common ideas but explain them in completely new ways.


One of Willa Cather’s poems stood out to me most. I’m sharing it here:

All the Peace of Evening Stars

All the peace of evening stars,
All the joy of morning dew,
Be the journey through and through
And of Beauty what is true
And only that—with flowers
that grew
Tradeless since the heart first knew.
All faith believes, all knowledge bars,
And the peace of evening stars.

Reading more poetry gave me the inspiration to try writing my own again. I have absolutely no intentions of being compared to fantastic poets such as Dickinson and Cather, but I wanted to share the latest poem I’ve written. I’m very thankful for the gifts of words and language. Here is my poem:


Why do the shadows hide when menacing clouds block the sun?
Where do summer breezes go when October’s winds blow fierce and cold?
What magical words are spoken to awaken dawn and dew?
Who sends the rain and sunshine and sprinkles the sky with stars?

When I stop and question all that I can’t understand,
My mind begins this spinning and whirling beyond my control
There are no answers—only puzzles—
Links to mysteries beyond my small world.

Why does evil seem to always win?
Where have heroes and angels gone?
What is there possibly that I could do?
Who knows the outcome of it all?

In the midst of my mental mess
I hear a faint voice soft and kind.
If I choose, I can ignore it. Him.
But somehow He calms my mind and lightens my heart.

“Rest, my child, I’ll guide you when darkness blocks out the light.
I’ll hold you when the wind bites deep and cold.
Someday I’ll answer all your questions
And show you my view of the stars.

“Evil will not win, and my heart breaks with yours now.
Heroes and angels are all around you—just open your eyes to see
There is much I have for you to do.
I know you wonder and worry, but I know how this ends.”

He wraps me in his warmth and presence and whispers
“Peace. Be still.”
I don’t need all the answers. For now it’s enough to stay
Here with Him and learn. To love as He loves me.