I realized that it has once again been far too long since I wrote a blog post, and today I stumbled across a poem I wrote just before college graduation. It’s not the greatest poem, but it definitely describes how I’ve felt during the last few years of constant transitions.


Here is the poem:


She’s standing at the crossroads
between where she is and where she could be.
Here is very comfortable and seems extremely safe,
Over there is terrifying but full of “opportunity.”

Looming decisions hang like heavy drenched clothing
on her shoulders, making her cold.
The voices of her family always fight inside her head,
She’s deafened by their noise, confused by what she’s told.

She just won’t move, then there’s no risk, and
If she takes a step in one direction, she’s scared that she may fall.
Fear of failure grips her throat and holds her to the ground
She’s worried so much now that one small stone became a wall.

It blocks her path. She’s frozen now, alone, lost,
Confused, pinned in on every side.
She frantically looks for help, but all she can see is the sky,
While she searches for a guide.
Suddenly, a single sunbeam slices through
the night-black clouds and pounding rain;
It fires through the wall and destroys it, melts it
to a sad small pile of forgotten pain.

The wall is defeated, the path opens before her
illuminated and beckoning with welcoming warmth.
She understands now the only way to discover, learn and live
is to bravely look ahead and take a breath and move her feet.


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