Since my birthday is this week, I was planning to write some sort of sentimental post about growing up. But then I found these three short paragraphs when I was going through old files on my laptop. The file was dated years ago – one month before I left home for my freshman year of college. When I reread it, I was honestly surprised at the depth and passion in the words. And it’s still true for me now. 

I need to rediscover this honesty. Maybe I just need to stop over-thinking and worrying and find my imagination again. Maybe I need to allow myself to have a ridiculous and impossible dream. Anyway, here are some thoughts from 17-year-old me:


Imagination – one word that causes dreams to become realities and realists to become dreamers.  In an imagination there are no limits, no rules, no fears, no unknowns, and no doubts. One’s mind and heart can soar higher than ever and not be afraid of a crash landing. The world is no longer a frightening place filled with uncertainties; it is a blank page waiting to be filled.

There is a place in everyone that aches to reach for the impossible dreams – the dreams that are completely ridiculous. How do we make the dreams become true and let our heartbeats be heard – the one thing that makes each one of us want and need to live? How do we discover what that one thing is?

Deep inside me there is a hidden dream. I have not discovered it yet, but I know it is there. Someday I will know exactly what it is that makes my heart sing and adds meaning to my life. Someday I will understand why I am “me” and why I am here. Someday I will really know who I am. Someday…


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